Lucy’s First Birthday

I cannot believe that it has been a year since Lucy was born.  In celebration, we had a big birthday party for her.  She had a blast, and so did everyone else.

For the week before her birthday I was slowly covering the house in pink.  To be honest, some of the decorations are still up because I think they are cute.

Here is a picture of Lucy helping me get ready.


She was a fan of the pink tulle.

I made more desserts than necessary too.  I actually asked Alec if it was enough.



Here is mom helping Lucy get ready before the party: 

Nice pic of Lucy and me: 

Somewhere during the evening it became very apparent that Lucy did not like her dress, so I grabbed her giraffe onsies, and things were looking up.  I also forgot to buy birthday candles, so that is a tea light stuck on a mini-bundt cake.  

Lucy loved the presents.  The book in this photo is from her Uncle Carl, the furry sparkle boots are from her Uncle Joe.  

Happy Birthday my little Lucy! I love you so much.  


3 thoughts on “Lucy’s First Birthday

  1. Ooh Moo Baa Lalala, that’s one of my favorites (next to the one with the duck who jumps in the pool). Let’s see if I can do it from memory here at work:

    A Cow says Moo, a sheep says Baa, three singing pigs say La La La, no no you say that isn’t right, pigs say oink all day and night. rhinoceroses snort and stuff dogs go ruff ruff ruff, some other dogs say bow wow wow cats and kittens say meow a horse says neigh, it’s quiet now, what do you say.

  2. It was a wonderful party Jennie….Lucy was adorable and showed several sides of her personality, the food was delicious, the house was pretty in pink and there were definitely not too much of your baking!

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