Lucy and the Carrot

Lucy recently hit the developmental stage where she gets upset when we take things away from her.  This is making life a little harder, especially because she wants everything I have.

Yesterday I felt like a carrot.  So, I went and peeled one and sat down by Lucy.  She grabbed it from me because that is what she does, and this is what followed…

She was quite excited about the carrot.

She was not going to let it go without a fight.

However I eventually did need to take it from her.  As you can see she was not okay with that.

Then she tried to get it back.

When that didn’t work she decided to roll around angrily in her boppy.

Trying the sad look…At this point I took her outside to look at flowers in hopes she would forget about the carrot.

We found a dandelion which made her happy again.