Alec and Jennie Go Out

Alec and I were out to lunch the other day, and we thought wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of where we eat and if we liked it? That led to the creation of the blog: Alec and Jennie Go Out.  We both came up with the same name on our own, which is somewhat amusing.

Alec at a restaurant in Grasse, France

Each post has a review from both of us, which is nice because we have rather different tastes in food.

Jennie at the same restaurant in Grasse, France

Since we have a baby and don’t go out like we used to, we will also feature some guest reviewers.  Each review is based on a 1-100 scale broken down into 4 categories.

Tomorrow is our anniversary, and we are headed to the 112 Eatery.  We will certainly have a review for that.  So, check out our site if you want and maybe find some new places to eat in the cities.

Here is the link: