Mom Tea and Lucy

Today my mom came up and we headed over to Highland Park to go to the Tea Source.  It is my Aunt Karen’s birthday at the end of the week, and my mom wanted to pick up some tea for her.  Karen lives in Eastern Wisconsin and there is not a wide variety of fine tea houses in the area, or any to be more exact.  Of all the places that sell tea in the cities Tea Source is by far my favorite.  As you can see on the sign in this picture they have over 250 varieties of loose leaf.  Which for a teaophile (made up that word) like myself, that is pretty fantastic.

I was trying to be sneaky and snap a picture without anyone noticing, but I kept hitting the off button on my camera instead of taking a picture.  I was not very successful.  However, no one yelled at me for taking a picture inside the store, so all was well.

I have not been to the tea store for quite a while because I decided that I needed to use up what I have.  I have not bought any for months, and I still have a ways to go.  I broke down and got one knew bag of tea.  A nice flavored black tea called Black Mountain Spice.  After our outing, I brewed up a pot of it and had it with a little brown sugar and whole milk, yum.  Note, I always use either brown sugar or honey in my tea if I am going to sweeten them.  White sugar is too sweet in my opinion for tea.

After the tea store, we headed to lunch at Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue.  Lucy seemed to love it in there.  She was awake and staring at everyone and everything.  She likes being out and about and being able to see new and different things.  Which I love because she behaves when I take her places.  She is all tuckered out from the morning though and asleep in her little bouncy chair at the moment.

So, no recipe this time. I made some corn muffins this morning, but they weren’t really good enough to share the recipe.  I will no doubt bake something again soon.


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